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Providing the support you need to face life’s challenges.

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Helping you to help your patients

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Offering program development, research support, team building, employee assistance, and staff development services.

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Delivering motivational and informative seminars to educate and inspire.

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Online Support Group Topics List

Theme 1. Relationships and support.

Weekly Topic
Talking with Family about Your Journey.
Enlisting Support with Effective Communication.
Workplace and Social Challenges.
Dealing with Bias and Misconception.


Theme 2. What drives us to eat and what can be done about it?

Weekly Topic
Understanding What Influences My Hunger.
Identifying My Personal Triggers.
Stress Management.
The Big Picture, Life Beyond Food.


Theme 3. Managing our inner world.

Weekly Topic
Emotional Eating.
Body Image.
Changing Destructive Thinking.
Setting Goals.


Theme 4. Emotional Awareness.

Weekly Topic
Understanding True Needs.
Feeling Management.


Theme 5. Health commitment: Practical steps for a long-term plan.

Weekly Topic
Barriers & Strengths: A whole person analysis.
Realistic Planning.
Motivators & Milestones.
Expanded Horizons: Envisioning a healthy future.


Theme 6. Empowerment.

Weekly Topic
Self-efficacy: What is it, how do I get more?
Balancing Dependence with Independence.
Becoming Empowered.
Living a Confident, Self-determined Life.


Theme 7. Becoming an active person.

Weekly Topic
Choosing the Right Activity Plan for You.
Living an Energized Life Day-to-day.
Active Recreation & Hobbies.
Reducing Sedentary Time.


Theme 8. Quality of life.

Weekly Topic
Improving Sleep.
Managing Pain.
Intimate Relationships.


Theme 9. Happy holiday toolkit.

Weekly Topic
Planning for Holiday Events.
Staying Positive.
Good Stress, Bad Stress it is all Holiday Stress!
Destructive Thinking (Holiday Edition).


Theme 10. Resilience.

Weekly Topic
The Path of Most Resilience.
Embracing and Utilizing your Past.
Emotional Intelligence.
Dealing with Setbacks.

Theme 11. The power of positive.

Weekly Topic
Solution Finding.
Living in the Moment.
Roadmap to Success.

Theme 12. Life on the journey.

Weekly Topic
Managing Uncontrolled Eating.
Understanding Cravings.
Life after Surgery / Weight Loss.
Sexual Quality of Life.

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