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Providing the support you need to face life’s challenges.

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Helping you to help your patients

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Offering program development, research support, team building, employee assistance, and staff development services.

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Delivering motivational and informative seminars to educate and inspire.

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Motivational Coaching Services

At Binks Health we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to life’s CHALLENGES AND GOALS. We take a highly personalized approach to providing you with the support you need in motivating yourself to live the best life possible. We have experience with motivating people to achieve their most ambitious goals – CAREER, LIFE, and HEALTH.

Service Descriptions

To schedule a free needs assessment, please use our CONTACT section




Step 1: Initial Assessment

We will start with an initial assessment to understand your personal history and future goals. In short, we will understand why you seek coaching and what are your strengths and challenges. We aim to develop an understanding of the important aspects of your life (employment, interests, family, friends, relationships and goals) that affect your success. We provide an in-depth motivational assessment, examine your current support system, review your coping resources and the progress you have already made in life.

Step 2: Detailed Plan

Based on what we have learned in Step 1, we work with you to clarify your short and long-term goals, create a vision of your future, then develop a step by step coaching plan to get you there. Some choose to focus near-term (3, 6, 12 months); others look toward 5, 10 or even 20 years! Either way our plans take a day-by-day, week-by-week approach. We set reasonable goals with you that motivate you to reach those ultimate achievements in your life.

Step 3: Logistics

Based on your preferences, and the specific program you choose below, we will set up the logistics of the relationship. We will discuss how you prefer to communicate (telephone, video, email or text), frequency of contact and your overall preferences on coaching style. Once this is complete – we are READY TO GO!

Individual & Couples Life Coaching Sessions

You will choose with input from your coach whether you come once per week or less or more frequently.
(Standard Fee 50 min. $150.00; 30 min. $100.00)


Dr. Binks performs all coaching with you personally. You will have regularly scheduled interactions (phone or video) with Dr. Binks but IN ADDITION, you get ‘real-time’ support through ongoing email, and text interactions that provide timely support precisely when you need it most. No waiting for the next appointment, no long waits to hear back. At your initiation, your coach can be in contact with you EVERY DAY if you need it by text and email!

Platinum Concierge

This service guarantees you will have all coaching interactions directly with Dr. Binks. Platinum Concierge provides a premium level of highly personalized support through ongoing videoconference, email, telephone, and text interactions that provide seamless support throughout each and every day. The Platinum Concierge plan offers the ultimate personalized experience. The value of getting immediate guidance, direct feedback, and personal support between regular appointments is something that simply must be experienced. This service provides you with:

We are open to discussing anything you feel you need to get you where you want to be and tailoring your Personal Coaching Experience to meet those needs.

(Platinum Concierge Fee $2800 per month)

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