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Providing the support you need to face life’s challenges.

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Helping you to help your patients

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Offering program development, research support, team building, employee assistance, and staff development services.

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Delivering motivational and informative seminars to educate and inspire.

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Training Programs & Seminars

Dr. Martin Binks and his colleagues are available to present workshops, informational and motivational seminars, and professional education (CME/CE) and research presentations to both small and large groups. Dr. Binks has a uniquely practical and conversational style that energizes and entertains his audiences while delivering the highest quality information.

We offer public seminars on a range of health topics and also offer professional training programs (Health Coaching; Team Building for Healthcare). Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to receive updates on upcoming events or to develop a customized program for your organization.

For inquiries and appointments please use our CONTACT section



Comprehensive Professional Training Programs

Health Coach Training Program

Professional Health coaching is a personally delivered service that provides clients with support in identifying and setting realistic and attainable health goals, remaining accountable to those goals, and building on their success. Our goal is to assist people in making changes that engender permanent shifts in both their orientation towards personal health and self-care and the behaviors associated with living a healthy and productive lifestyle.

The focus of professional health coaching is far broader than simply monitoring adherence to a circumscribed set of health behaviors (did they exercise, did they eat in a healthy way) or providing predetermined ‘health tips’. Professional health coaching is a proactive and collaborative exploratory, educational and action-oriented problem solving interaction. It is focused on assisting the client in identifying longstanding and current barriers to lasting health behavior change, identifying appropriate resources to manage and overcome these barriers, setting out comprehensive action plans for change, and supporting the client in accountability to and attainment of their goals.

Our health coach training programs provide both introductory and advanced training in behavior change techniques, motivational enhancement and setting attainable goals. Our client-centered coaching model works within the context of the client’s personal history and psychological barriers, family and occupational commitments and broader environmental barriers. The approach can also offer clients guidance in setting basic eating and exercise goals, stress management, improving organizational and communication skills and increasing self-awareness through mindfulness and other techniques.

(Single and multiday workshops are available and tailored to meet the needs of your organization)

Healthcare Teambuilding Workshops

People who work in high stress and often emotionally draining healthcare environments face a unique set of challenges not necessarily encountered in other work environments. Because of these unique challenges a standard workplace teambuilding approach rarely meets the specialized needs of healthcare workers. We offer specialized teambuilding workshops tailored specifically to a wide range of healthcare work environments and provider types. Our programs are delivered by healthcare workers that understand your unique situation and can tailor your educational and support experiences to the situations you face daily. Each program is developed with you for maximum personalization and relevance to your situation. Workshops can be directed towards front-line clinical and administrative staff, management teams or both. Whether you are attempting to improve a less than ideal functional system in your organization or simply want to continue to strengthen an already high functioning team; we have a solution that will meet your needs. Typical program structures include:

(Single and multiday workshops and ongoing interactive support are tailored to your organization)

Public & Professional Education Seminars

We are happy to work with you to develop single speaker/topic presentations and multi-speaker events. Our speakers come from many different specialties including psychology, medicine, nutrition, fitness, and behavioral medicine and can speak on a wide variety of topics relating to psychological wellbeing and health promotion.

Below is a partial list of topics from past seminars.

Contact us today to start building a personalized educational experience for your group. 

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